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You're going to fall in love with feisty, creative Lisa Fashionista and Remy, her adorable pup. Lisa and Remy love to travel to far-off places in search of gemstones and baubles Lisa uses to make jewelry for her friends. Lisa's adventures make reading fashionable and fun, with colorful illustrations and imaginative story lines. 

Enjoy the first book in the Lisa Fashionista Seriesm, Lisa Fashionista on Martha's Vineyard. You can order this delightful book online at http://www.lisafashionista.biz/.

Visit our website each month for new games, puzzles, and jewelry designs. You can also learn about your birthstone and where it comes from. 

Enjoy exploring with Lisa, she'll take you magical places all over the world!

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The adventurous tales of Lisa Fashionista are making a splash in juvenile literature, and can now be shipped anywhere from right here in Baldwinsville, New York. These stories of a little girl and her dog are heartwarming and engaging for young readers.

The book is illustrated with dazzling pictures that pop, a great way to keep children interested in reading. We have received praise for this book from English teachers and parents alike. Introduce your child to Lisa and her pet dog Remy.

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